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>> when he expected the nobel prize i thought we were making a movie and and in the jewish neighborhood he was reminiscing about his wife over his own goals
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radio shop id white chapel became yiddish and his face lit up remembering those-- growing up in the jewish ghetto of london. how could herald denigrate the west if not for the united states him and every hitherto in london would have been killed. i thought that was odd. remembering the intersection of the cultural upbringing that remember thinking 21st record righty about politics by thought his a that a shame this writer turned into an old man and
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he could only write about politics? [laughter] ha ha. good the other great philosophies leadbelly said he had done his fighting in the commenced a steady in a long time. that is what i have been doing to commence a steady to go from thinking from the minute interactions from two lines of dialogue to think what the hell is going on. so i wrote this speech. [laughter] [applause] the 2012 emmy is had a predictable grounder jokes
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of republicans including the fact the republicans in hollywood or they must be in hiding. what did the partisan he ameripath to do with the trade show? particularly behold 10 every moment to capitalism, and medium developed for goods and by the way the emmys made their living. i quote from a catalog of a clothing company bridging out of selling knickknacks. the barn owl will environmentally friendly with paint glass eyes, and face reclaimed. [laughter] who needs a barnaul? what is this composition?
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what is the reason behind this? the continual proclamation it is unnecessary that you need not apply reason or restrain when making its fiscal position to only not spell out the party line but to do it continually. a group of celebrities that pledge allegiance to obama made to a degree but not in kind and when to begin pledging allegiance to human beings? [applause] i brought this along because joe wrote this book. this is what my 13 year-old brought home from public school. are you a democrat or republican? on gun-control a republican once to have without
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restriction. environment, democrats want to restrict the park lands and republican does not want to pass pollution laws that would cost them money. is this taxation without representation? then i don't know what is. from my public-school. [applause] exhortations from the left it insurers no one would adopt them accidentally. it is a pledge of allegiance but lack of reason and shows a must be repeated as such and every instance rotation be introduced by the other side. should the myth the obsessive of where be repressed to see the recruit who was to begin each response with the sir has
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the was instructed to offer himself for sacks. this was noted by the psychologist where the individual overcome is shocked into compulsive obsession. as with houseguest and strangers the committee is taxed and in a happy family or a religious organization what may relax the inquisition? this is the most immediate effect as the others flow to except standards some trades potential freedom of action we will not let the kids grow up issues are i will make a commitment to consider myself us citizen of the world.
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been a community trading some freedom of action and two community members and share assumptions so behavior's were predictable they may violate standards but the penalty is clear and costly and transgression is more restricted. the time with strangers must establish some limit of intimacy. of functions almost completely that they have become unconscious. how reprimands and apologizes, lies, they are completely unknown and clear in the most beloved house guest shatters interaction and knowledge for the unconscious mind must be
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explained or altered which is why mr. franklin told us why they speak after three days. but the toll and energy is huge. stay says you know, when the conversation which also part with the discussion progresses logically. [laughter] he was once part to. it is impossible to convene the most human groups with the social structure to say a culture. it grows in mysterious ways and has nothing to do with three semper crow is it reasonable all americans have to say what seems to be the trouble officer? [laughter] where is a written that we cannot come to the phone right now but if you leave
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your name and the number? [laughter] where are these prescribed? the culture extemporizes itself to deal with what it dispels the myth. they can derive only from the limited number of human solutions. to discover global warming causing the sea to rise might also be found genesis six. [laughter] consider the taking of snapshots the photographer says one, a two, three. why? first exposure could last up to three matt -- minutes so they were immobilized by a brace. they were instructed to stay perfect the still says it
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would end you hood reassure them almost done. one, two, three. we are done. why? the darker first of all, with said 123 but now it is uttered before the shot to why to allow them to compose himself why do they have to compose himself? it makes every amateur portrait the same the subjects face having adopted that i am now getting my pitcher take and look. [laughter] in the regional photos the sitters had to look still in the postmodern riyal look like a fool. [laughter] there is no need for still
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less without a thought or human intervention from the useful to the residual. cities have their own culture in separate sysco agreed to a stranger is likely to be returned comedy york ignored, lawsuits list responded to with rage. [laughter] the american culture found in our jokes or illusions of comedy or commercials. or cultures lows, the denominator of culture? of course. paris one resaw the super bowl the city buried in rubble than the manufacturer's brand your merges if a driver get out to congratulate each other while having the wisdom to purchase the truck and one survivor says have a twinkie
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[laughter] so there's the allusion to the american mass the urban legend taken from the schoolyard that twinkies have a shelf life of 10 million years. [laughter] would they buy the truck? to join the illusion that it is belonging. left ridicules the old days of things logical and if we were sufficiently intelligent all the age old prague court based -- problems was disappear. and how to refrain from its each other patriotism, a freedom of conscience and legal rights which anybody
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alleges my defense but now we are stymied because we don't know how to replace those practices so in a culture is improvised speak to no one at the airport drive 12 hours across the ocean and don't introduce yourself for talks on the elevator all in response to any suggestions and demand the one power whose champion is the left that you know, you are confused and lost. the atomic campaign campaign change is understood as a directive as change or suffered you stand up with the "star spangled banner" should a man open the door for a woman? can whites criticize a failed politician and he is
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black? civil of the same sex be allowed to marry? has he or she may crack -- replaced he is the correct pronoun? we have no place to look for guidance or clarification just like the house-passed the insistence on difference of all things. mutual desire to express courtesy this is filled by the leader and the enemy. to replace the structure this is the love of the left from castro and stalin and hitler. something to believe been
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with the mess we have inherited that was previously united states of america. [laughter] bernie madoff and those cleanly by intellect of supernatural laws. white in the world? one must question the portion of the human being who said the seas will begin to rise. but to emerge from power the mass confusion of the group. with those outmoded forms of religion and culture may also be seen for those who seek out magic.
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with that pass live stir and the political strongman but the magic feather and the magic beans and the stimulus cannot be attempted without sacrifice. the contemporary equivalent it implies a supernatural recipient and requires the perhaps demigod to teach us the acceptable form. evade the question to why the failed politician the dictator, of lynn glammed should be supported with the words are meeting less in the word is proving worthless but this is the point* perhaps with the
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psychic healer for the experience itself which is a real transitory. promising new treatment will work it will take more money wartime and the victim of the demagogue is also schooled that the magic needs time to work with and to suggest otherwise is ill logical. just like the object of the intervention would have any residual doubts for those who was trying to help him. they tried to see the psychic the solution the exercise of total face that the left has paid with
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autonomy it is equal to psychological depth considering it leaves them alone with his essential identity use deprived of communities with his opponents denounced as the devil. none is too great or embarrassing with pratt and. president obama says he fell apart and television because he was not used to the altitude of denver. and to see the emergence of the liberal community and the spontaneous options for his failure look at the mess he inherited you just oppose him because he is a black man. and the program need steinberg of the system is broken the job is to big 41
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band. they're all the same. we are lonely by we interested in life of the other planets of politics why we fantasize of the enough small groups gays, blacks, palestinians and handicapped that the fantasy that these groups are from pure unity and available to the mass. fitch tribes are the exotic some joy the benefit of that culture and that we have wished away with a communal purpose the left names the enemy as big business and corporations it is necessary
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not because there hateful but there we didn't through the constant intolerable expenditures of the culture like strangers other crews a bantering perpetually. houseguest literally pledges allegiance to obama with the most precious possession may counter a rational challenge that is insurmountable but the priceless appearance can enliven the resolve calling on the belief and inexhaustible courage. will hold schools of my youth and which of the songs
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of my youth remain? casey at that. "star spangled banner", the lord's prayer, the communion the bible and good declaration of the gettysburg address. those poetry placed in a brave new world by slogans and debatable propositions that we practice the celebration of the polar opposite you did the. that english literature was illusive and assumed a common knowledge of the bible, gospel, works shakespeare and the poets of the time i defy anyone to quote one mind read as recently as last week but for our entire lives
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appearing to the intellect as opposed to politically we achieve. built-in such a so-called -- psychological way. it echoes of into say you will see all of once just as bubbles do when they burst. and a british historian with the state of vampires.
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with the ottoman empire spain, russia flourishing between 20 and 50 years this is the space allotted for imperial much 70. we do decadence going from shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves going from exploration to exploitation with the welfare state. and then at the declining nation it suggests it is no different than the family. both recapitulate tendencies and like the human evolves list direction that may live to be 120 years but no longer through predictable stages and the state however
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powerful. we see the signs are positive. but in all empire strikes could be materialism and and frivolity and the weakening of religion and a weakening of the world. as a search for survival he writes everyone can contribute to by working harder and only a revival of spiritual devotion can't inspire selfless service and each can contribute by leading moral and dedicated
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lives if we have no leaders we must go loan. we had the l.a. of the bridge and perhaps not quite the time to ask how can manned by better? it is evident the time for sacrifice with the judeo-christian values is near. with the notions of birth control sex education sterilization and gay-rights , looking at these we're reminded the signals of the change the way that we see first the most imperative -- important and the smoke does not impose a
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locomotive. and seems to be the championship they call for the lowering of of birthrate that is the first of national decline. also for the lowering of requirements for citizenship ago the definition is example of american exceptional was some. that we are the first of the world it has defined rights and obligations which doesn't have over indonesia or china and what rights does american enjoy and syria? what obligation to the french nation? it destroys our understanding of the term and weakens us as a citizen.
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since then according to greatest access of prosperity but history have been in decline this is inevitable and nothing lasts forever. one may be a healthy age to find the straight to reasonably consider the options this is designed to make a moral choice between two flawed and alternatives. if we do not have that choice to weaken the power of the american electorate. it is our country to enjoy as long as we choose. thank you.
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[applause] >> i think that i talked to long. >> we have a few questions. please wait for the microphone. we will start here. >> thank you very much for the thoughtful address. talk about hollywood culture , it is political to some degree. in the 53 had reagan and
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hollywood to do rehab robert redford, barbara streisand. what is the dynamic? are there any other signs in your career that it might be redirected? >> if you look at the people trying to save the world the phrase then hollywood was the soul so dead so those are saying the overall so that they start to read their own press notices. that is what we see.
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i don't know that is an answer to your question but i like saying it. [laughter] a big mac. >> a question in the back. >> a connoisseur of competence giving us some of the great "confidence men." divvy dell is one of my favorite. i wonder as you look upon the political scene how do assess president obama as a confidence man? not as the fly in the ointment but what about mitt romney? >> they say they will work
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their side of the street. condoleeza rice several weeks ago to say you're so smart unpatriotic why don't you run for president? i don't have it in the. with president bush at the end of the day he was ready to go and i was ready to shoot myself. [laughter] they have to spend their life doing press and once in awhile we get one who wants to be a public servant who has time between lying and begging to take care of the country. [laughter] as milton friedman said we don't have the time to bone up on those who tried to lead us zero or rod busta the union nor the
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corporation or getting some cities. they think about it all day every day so to slash the size of the government. [applause] who knows of the confidence man. on the other hand, i actually grew up born and hyde park i saw that. of course, there confidence band. next question. [laughter] so the three open a with all pacino with his role your
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plays are cynical and no great problem there and harold pinter with his political message but as a great artist revolve being in some way to articulate politics inc. into art? >> i hope so but the overt plays were late in life but i should not even be here tonight. [laughter] was tsai critical of capital? i am not driving a cab
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anymore. [laughter] if you write the same play as 65 as you were at 19 you are doing something wrong. [laughter] >> when you talk about the dow suppressed by currie age and believe will and have now come out of the political closet with a doubts that of the most fertile ground trying to persuade them to have the same the privity? -- e piven day? explain the yorba linda cool transition where is the
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greatest doubts or success to persuade others as you now see them? >> i cannot persuade anybody. the only people i ever talk to our conservatives. liberals? you are lost. you are in a round room. [laughter] my first conservative was a friend of the french. i was impressed he answered questions and was composed and simple and tried to gauge his responses to the labelled-- like kurt -- request% of ots saying he is sodium polite. [laughter]
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maybe there is something in his conviction of the two great rabbis because you is more polite but i really think breaking free of the bubble is a terrible i think it is breaking free of the addiction of thought star's was public-school says and in one half of the media. especially as it spreads itself what do the political enclave. so if you have a wonderful experience to at talk by reason you appreciate the value. >> we have a
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question in the quarter. >> i am day big fan where the compensation structure is laid out. cadillac, estate tax, the eighth eight tonight was of cadillac of the speech although black that may go in front of a funeral. is there anything you can tell us? i accept your prognosis and diagnosis but what can we do to keep this experiment going? maybe as you duralast the meant days and did your last statement.
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son to take them to some school but it is important to tell the truth. you don't have to be confrontational but once in awhile when someone comes to us and says explain your position is to be to say i would be happy to. tell me where i am wrong. is enough already. now is the most important elections since 1860. i really do. [applause] >> why aren't there more
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conservative playwrights? is there any sane to be done about that? is that just the nature? >> you cannot read playwrights. he kept shaking down the state anti-government and it did it with the eskimos. [laughter] and the all female cast. he did not care. but unfortunately contemporary theater comes out of the university system william peterson 22 years old we did not know any better. but nowadays on the internet
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with twitter or whatever the hell they do doing it to a university is rather than having the experience of the free-market you have to please the audience. to have the unfortunate experience to be the teacher , said to have your flick of -- pic of affliction play is. so we can have the fact of xyz. you have to 1/2 of a place to fail.
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with those plate complications they cannot write. they cannot write. [laughter] >> on love to get your kid and on your colleague. >> tony will work his side of the street and i will work mine. we have different political views. that is the great thing of free-speech 55 if i can find enough sucker's to invest yes i am glad i said it. [laughter]
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>> i am mack tour. i was interested in what you were saying it about being social animals and excommunication. to have that intellectual conversion before you were less established were you more reticent to be more vocal? >> yes. [laughter] >> good to know. [laughter] [applause] >> i am eric cantor but i am not stupid.
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[laughter] it is different. to have a wife of war has been to your kid to support. the jewish tradition says the lot of the land is the law. it is a good idea to keep your head down. is it true to do a position with the certain amount yes that is true as a community organizer do you know, his name? >> repeat the question. >> day you have a community organizer?
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do you know, his name? >> do i have a community organizer? >> i grow up with the sol wilensky that is just another name for a eighth of a. have you read the works of salt:ski? two thoughts about radicals. and realize it is not my job to walk on the fence. all of you brain dead liberals have you read hijack? let people talk. >> one last question. [inaudible] >> i have a new play called the anarchist.
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[applause] patti plays a weatherman. as an amalgam of but there was another woman that was just caught susan something. so patty plays one of these and has been a parole officer and debra winger trying to make a her mind
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and i think it is cute. [laughter] you have to have selections from marks. who could ask for anything more? >> in the northeast part of afghanistan it cannot be more remote. this valley is a cul-de-sac it goes nowhere.
10:48 pm
flying helicopters is hard it was only foot to or helicopter. but as trying to win over a terrorist group had some sort of truce with the taliban they are nasty characters those other not there to fight for afghanistan or their version. so they were recruiting while repressing people to fight and rumored to have surface-to-air missiles and stockpiling guns and credited with the valley that caught the attention of commanders in the east.
10:49 pm
when they decided they had to go to export the violence from the safe haven. but what they rebid to list it was such a hard place to get into an we have all seen the news that night raids are highly regulated who controls the battle space it takes a long time to get the mission plan. how to get there what the helicopters could do and when and where they could go. the idea was a would fly to the ballet until the soldiers and fly off.
10:50 pm
two originally go to the top of the village they would. out of the helicopter. but because of restrictions they had to settle for the mission in the one who knows the fight uphill is never a canadian. few can take the high ground you want it. son to reconcile the risk is at the top of the village board to give up the hill? that is where the team was left on the morning of the mission to know they have to do this the weather has already delayed it was
10:51 pm
surprised if they already have the sinking feeling. that proposal book because it is where you get soldiers that have universal bad feelings to say we took up the chain to say that starts the book and down the path that ultimately gets them in the ambush. >> that is typical. you don't get soldiers who speak out and one capt. basically do there work was then the plan. you try to have the element
10:52 pm
of supplies. so that commanders it financed by the job smuggling operation that they showed up selling the gems to finance old campaign. they knew tactically that the plan was flawed. but they knew there was incredible danger blaming the helicopter then they have to climb to get to the compound so what is the
10:53 pm
mercenary training the soviets they still planned to carry out the mission. you can describe a little bit what happened when they landed. >> they fly into the valley from jalalabad. there was a certain window with the weather with the cloud cover and so they had to work quickly. bru-ha-ha but you can imagine. there was some much trouble, vice the helicopter stumbled and could not land some been word jumping
10:54 pm
10 feet some landed in a river running to the middle of the landing zone. they get pass that the it 10 feet is the size of a basketball court some magic in jumping out of that and the mountains are a lot higher than they imagined. i could only imagine standing in midtown manhattan and being surrounded at all sides of sheer cliffs. they start walking to the village i don't know what you see in your head but depending where your the country it could be a.m. colored mud hut it was
10:55 pm
literally cut into the vaults. stone houses all breakup and rounded almost 360 degrees they were surrounded with the stone house is. it takes awhile to find a path but it cuts back and forth i know you veterans are shaking your head. there is only one way up. you're in the cul-de-sac of the valley and they do you are there. they hear helicopters. list there the bad guys. it is very quiet. then they seek three men run
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at the top and one has a god. -- has a gun. >> novelist james patterson and is at the miami book fair and he talks about the reading program he has started. we want to look into the other leading programs from the united states we will begin with jane robinson and the cfo of the group called first book. can you describe what that is? >> guest: i just want to say thank you to c-span for all of the incredible support you have given to the concept of literacy and you have been a reader -- leader.
10:57 pm
the first book is a nonprofit to provide books and educational material to program surveying kids in the across the united states. >> host: how did you get started? where do get your funding? >> guest: 20 years ago. we are celebrating the 100 million book distributed. we started 20 years ago in washington d.c.. we have distributed more and more as the years go by as we started a new robot all in recent years. we have distributed about why 11,000,003 year and support programs across united states. 40,000 and now.
10:58 pm
bundy comes from corporate campaigns as well as individual donors and foundations. we have a revenue generating model which is the first book. >> host: is there a special focus? preschool or classrooms? >> great question. first book has built a pipeline to serve all kids, eyeglasses serving kids in need for a reading is fundamental is a good example with 1900 programs supported as well as 40,000 others. headstart after-school programs, of entering '03 t nurse supported by first
10:59 pm
book. >> host: we are joined by the president and ceo from reading is fundamental. . .
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she wanted to take a book home. one of the mothers came to school to return the stolen books and i said no we want the child to have the book and that started a tradition where we might present a book helping the child's rights and earnings. one was thought to be the teacher to help children potentially at risk of not wanting to read now. we are here to help them in the joy of reading first by putting that book in their hands that they have chosen, and the notion of recent years we have really tried to stress even more the
11:01 pm
involvement that needs to happen with that book if it is going to come alive. we have undergone eight transition in the last year for 46-years-old, for the last 34 years we have had a large federal book grant that wasn't funded in the fy 12 budget. so we are now doing the kinds of things we should have done more of informing her cooperations with our friends. we've always done private fund raising and we are stepping back up. >> the two organizations, do you see yourselves as competitors, collaborators or how? >> we see ourselves as collaborators. we get asked that question all the time about competitors. as mentioned, we have a significant number of programs who purchased the books from the
11:02 pm
marketplace that she mentioned but we have always looked for all kinds of ways to be able to collaborate and when the federal grand went away facebook put together a wonderful proposal proposal to purchase the books from them in a manner that will really allow us to purchase about to hundred 50,000, to enter the 50,000 more books in the and we would get for the same dollars spent elsewhere and so we are very excited that we are going to be giving this 1 million the book over the next several months anand in this moment asserting the first distribution of those. we are focusing doing much of our work this year on out of school time, when children are out of school or the winter holidays, spring break and
11:03 pm
summer and we are going to divide these up and can't produce activity sheets that will go home with the books in this house of school time with the whole point that other groups that are private nonprofits that the parent will get engaged in the out of school time so there is a lot of excitement on the staff about this project right now. >> jane robinson? >> yes, carol is right we are collaborators in the extreme fantastic educator and has led the sector for a long time and not too long to of course but we have always -- facebook has built a pipeline that supports programs like carroll and many
11:04 pm
others that are doing fantastic work. our primary model has been to bilmes the logistics that provide tremendous access in the classrooms serving kids in need because that is a huge and then our founders found facebook 20 years ago. one of them was volunteering here in washington, d.c. and realized that these were local heroes supporting the kids that needed help the most in an environment of would work for hours a day and they were absolutely without resources, just a box of broken creon's if they were beyond the reach of programs like this at the time, and many were.
11:05 pm
so what we realized is we can certainly sold one part of this problem. we can build a pipeline to get resources to them. programs like the others are increasingly devoted to what type of content is on and is available to the program and how they use that in the classroom. we considered ourselves soldiers in the same war who taking on that challenge and planning beyond what we have reached so far so we can get a crack to be completely across the united states and beyond. >> do you work with public libraries? >> we do. we like to make sure that we get a brand new books that are chosen by the administrators and teachers. that is our primary focus, but
11:06 pm
we have absolutely worked with our corporate partners to supply school libraries with brandt to books and we've had multiple initiatives that focus on replenishing libraries. and as a matter of fact right now in response to hurricane sandy's devastation, we've got a web site up and we are working with partners to raise funds to purchase terrific replacements for libraries and the new york and new jersey area. >> have you moved into the ebook world at all? >> not in a big way, yet. we are encouraging it and do not discourage it. children have not had access to
11:07 pm
the piece of equipment, so we have been looking at how can we promote that because frankly in addition to wanting children to have books and get them engaged and the book is a great way to do that for many children, i do not want to look back ten years from now and say my goodness we let another digital divide occur. we want to make sure that the children we are serving have the opportunity to learn how to use the book and what it is and what it can mean to them. we know that our friends at facebook are working on that kind of thing and i can't help but think in another year or two that will probably be a project that we are doing together. >> you are working on the books? >> we are working on a digital platform so that we can work the boundaries of all kinds of
11:08 pm
limitations for these kids. if anyone is confused about whether there really is a divide, let me reassure everyone that there is a horrible gap in this country. 42% -- and that is not in a statement. 42% of the kids in the united states are from low-income families. that is the simply don't have the kind of access to the educational resources and books that children of means have. so over 30 million kids. and if we wanted to bridge the gap or decide on, whenever you want to call it, we've got to fill the substantial systems that can affordably get those resources to them. that doesn't mean that books are going away, but it means the digital content, digital devices and the terrific research and learning for people all of these
11:09 pm
resources have to be brought to this called the base of the economic pyramid. there's a base of the economic pyramid here in the united states, too. and we have got to bridge that for the kids. that is what facebook aims to do and as carroll said, we have a large plan to get a digital platform, and we are about to do that working hand-in-hand with a terrific organization. >> carroll, former first lady laura and barbara bush made one of their signature issues when they were in the white house. do you see a difference in support when something happens like that when it is that high profile? >> we certainly do and he was fortunate to have both of those on the advisory committee until the white house when they began
11:10 pm
on every committee that you have ever spoken of. but the disability that each brought with them to the white house whether they were all to the dhaka were still serving on any official committee was extremely helpful and they both have foundations that have continued to live, so it certainly is a big help when people like that in those decisions of power are helping people see that there are children out there that do not have a single book in the home except -- and what we hear most often when we talk to children of lesser economic themes you will say to you have a book at home? and we know that we are getting ready to hand them one or we wouldn't ask that. we have common things we've heard from the years. well my mother has a book wrapped up in special cloth she keeps in the drawer and you realize it is some kind of a
11:11 pm
family bible that is special and the children know that or they will talk about that book with yellow paper and of course that book with yellow paper is now going away and there are no yellow pages in many communities anymore. so i think it is very difficult for those of us that always have all the books we could have ever wanted. what they're owning them are going to the library frequently as i did in a very small family in southern arkansas. i bet twice a day during the summers. there wasn't a lot else to do and i like to read what it is hard for us to believe that there are no books in the home for a child. the child lives too far from the library to walk or ride a bike. fitting the library into the family schedule when there is little or no free time or good transfer transportation they can't afford it and that is difficult. so, it's, again, it's critical
11:12 pm
that we believe these things are being told and these children are in need of one of the most basic things that most children in that light and that's books. >> jane robinson, you have 60 seconds to make a pitch to somebody that may give you and your organization money. what is your pitch? >> i think the pitch is believed us there is a gap in the united states. we have to provide the heroes that are serving the kids and need with the resources they need. we are losing geniuses because we are not given the educational tools to make their and imagination's bring to life. this is a work force issue, health care issue, citizenry. people won't vote if they don't know how to read. we have to enrich from the
11:13 pm
bottom-up so the kids know they have a chance and they can begin life for themselves. >> karen what is your pitch? >> we have children in the schoolhouse doors that are already so far behind their peers with one simple set of figures that i often use based on the good study that was done a number of years ago, and we had kindergarten children entering the school that were from welfare families that had a vocabulary of 3,000 words. that sounds like a lot of words for a child to know what it means. however the upper middle-income families that lost in the vocabulary of 20,000 words. that is a huge gap. and unfortunately, in this country, we never close that gap. so we need to start early and then we need to be really ready to pour the resources and owls
11:14 pm
were discussed and to the early years of children being in the school setting where we can try to reach them best. >> carroll is president and ceo of reading is fundamental. what is your web site? >> >> and jane robinson is the chief financial officer of first book. website? >> >> thank you both for being on book tv and for talking about your reading progress. >> thank you. >> thank you. here are the best-selling hardcover nonfiction books according to the new york times. the less reflect sales for the week of november 12th. first

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David Mamet Education. (2012) 'The Secret Knowledge of the Dismantling of American Culture.' New.

TOPIC FREQUENCY Us 8, United States 5, Jane Robinson 4, Carroll 3, Hollywood 2, Afghanistan 2, London 2, New York 2, Debra 1, Rod Busta The Union 1, Sol Wilensky 1, James Patterson 1, Carol 1, French Nation 1, Barbara Bush 1, Dell 1, Patti 1, Karen 1, Pratt 1, Steinberg 1
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